Point Layout

Stop pulling tape and start calling us

Point Layout

Our point layout services make it easy for our clients to accurately identify underground utilities, devices and equipment in the field through nearly every construction phase. Utilizing high-precision survey equipment, our mission is to prioritize accuracy and efficiency while delivering a fast and reliable solution to traditional hand layout.

We’re a Step Above the Rest

  • Accuracy Above All Else

    We provide survey-grade accuracy in all that we do which eliminates the guesswork for our clients.

  • Improve Safety and Efficiency

    Avoid the potential errors that occur when pulling manual dimensions for equipment installation. Improve efficiency and minimize risk.

  • Save Time and Money

    Make fewer mistakes, minimize delays, and avoid reworking installations by getting us involved in your next project.

  • Effortlessly Exchange Information

    Quickly share data between the design team and the project team, enabling up-to-date information exchange with ease, reducing paper sheets and document markups.

  • Access "On-The-Fly" Capabilities

    We can calculate offsets, generate additional points, modify line work, and benchmark elevations without ever having to step away from our equipment.

Consider Making the Switch

It’s incredibly important to make sure all equipment and devices are installed in the correct location. It’s Equally important that project teams maintain accurate documentation, especially if there were changes made in the field that were not originally shown in the plans.

Utilizing our services on your next project means that you will be giving your team the ability to effortlessly exchange information to and from the design files with survey-grade accuracy.

You can count on us to get the job done right, so stop pulling tape and start calling us!

Our Point Layout Process

Once we have access to the files that you want our team to use, we will format and load the information into our equipment prior to arriving on site.

Send Us Your Design Files

On every project, we use world coordinates or grid lines to establish a precise position with our equipment.

We’ll Establish Our Position on the Project

We work directly with the project teams to ensure all of the information we provide will meet the client's demands. We remain flexible and never pursue a "one size fits all" approach on any of our projects.

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